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A great platform on the internet: We provide you a platform for discussing your issues and having them solved soon. Our website works like a virtual tutorial where the students meet the tutors they need, and discuss their problems. We know the need for guidance and study tips which can be required at any time. We also know how teachers want to teach online and transfer their knowledge and expertise to the students. These two have led us to create Findtutoronline, where the teachers find satisfaction with teaching so many students online and the students are happy with their guidance. Since the launch of our online tutorial, we have been getting huge response and appreciation from both the students and our tutors. There are more teachers who have qualifications up to PhD level and more, who are willing to join us.                             

How we formed Findtutoronline: Backed by this appreciation and demand for more, we are still working to provide with better support, to come up with something innovative and helpful for you students and also to delight our tutors, whom we consider to be our assets. Online search for tutors have become simpler, easier with our site, where you can find a plethora of experts on various subjects, there to take care of your study needs. We have a huge number of freelance teachers as of now and more are still joining. They are ready to help you with thesis, projects, mathematical problems and others, always. Thus, you are never going to worry anymore.                        

For MBA Classes, In any Subject fields like Online tutoring/Assignmenthelp/Coureworkhelp for World leading Universities & also Dissertations writings like 20000 words or any word limits in any Specialization Areas, Pl do refer our Blog for Sample assignment copy/Solutions at good results/Scores assured.                                          

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Find below some of the Completed Projects under our Supervision:

Our  Offering/Assistance:                                 

1. Advance in Data mining (with hands-on Practical Session)
2. Intelligent Data Analysis (with hands-on Practical Session)
3. Advance in Image Processing (with hands-on Practical Session)
4. Computer Vision with application to Machine Learning (with hands-on Practical Session)
5. Intelligent Big Data Analysis (with hands-on Practical Session)
6. Advance in Database & Data Warehousing (with hands-on Practical Session)
7. Python Programming (with hands-on Practical Session)
8. R Programming (with hands-on Practical Session) 
9. MatLab Programming (with hands-on Practical Session)
10. Data Mining tools – SAS, Rapid Miner (with hands-on Practical Session)
11. Java Programming (with hands-on Live Project)

12. PHP Programming (with hands-on Live Project) 
13. C, C++ Programming (with hands-on Live Project)

A) Study Materials                       
B) Notes having Practical Examples                           
C) In-depth understanding through Implementation     
D) Mock Test                                                                
E) Assignment Solutions                                  

5. B.Tech/M.Tech Final year Project Assistance                
- Proposed Methodology with Implementation                      
- Practical Sessions                                        
- Thesis Writing                                                           

- NET/GATE for (CS/IT) preparation and complete assistance
- Classroom Coaching (online/offline)                 
- Doubt Clearing                                                  
- Problem Solving.                                                                          

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