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Students often find it difficult to understand one or more subjects or certain parts of a subject. But it isn’t possible to seek guidance or tutorials immediately for their help and understanding. Moreover, for those learning special courses or are in high school, the schedule is packed and there is hardly any space left for the addition of a tutorial. However, with the internet as the platform to find virtual tutorials, things are less complicated. You as a student, can decide the courses or subjects you want to learn from a platform like Ikonic Websol and also decide when you want to learn. You can take break as you need and discuss when the next session will begin with the tutor.

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With a platform like ours, you can learn things at your pace through instant messaging, video conferencing and video programs made by the tutor for your help. We have well programmed and maintained tutorials, set by our professionals. These are replaced with new and updated ones always and hence you get updated versions, thus receiving latest information on the subject or course you are studying. This keeps you ahead of others in your batch. 


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