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U will learn Keyword fixations for your website which stand Google Ranking on 1st page. Blog submissions of your Website, Articles posted in Linkedin,Facebook,Twitter & various other sites. Detailed Demonstration will be showing at the time of conducting classes.                              

Guaranteed results in Google ranking within 3 months by your keywords. U can also take choice our keywords also.      #online tuitions for foreign students

Various Promotional measures on daily basis for visitors in Google Analytics. Both online & Offline Seo conducted during the sessions.        

How to post in various Social Media sites  & their techniques should be shown in Online Classes.

Live Projects demonstration would be given. Also U can discuss of your Own websites Seo & SMO techniques so that it can come on Google Ranking very fast. 

No Black Hat SEO Pl. We Only do White Hat SEO Techniques. We Can do Content Management on Your behalf at your website or U can do at your own also as per our techniques.

We can supply various articles for your website as per your needs  which should publish in the social Media.

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We Conduct Skype classes on per hourly fees basis. Once contacted, we will sent u quotes instantly by WhatsApp : +91-8697669523

Article Submission,Blog submission, Video posting, Directory Submissions to various sites, Offline SEO, Online SEO, Press Release, Social media like Twitter, Linkedin, FACEBOOK Posting on regular basis.

SEO/SMO ONLINE TRAINING CLASSES VIA SKYPE at a reasonable fees. Guaranteed Google Ranking 1st page of your website by our Constant Endeavour. Pl do visit our website at  & also our Own Blog :    

We accept payments through Paypal or Western Union or Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer as per your convenient needs.       #online tuitions for foreign students

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CQF ONLINE TEACHERS : Currently JUNE 2019 Chorot Module   Available here  Booking is going on.

  CQF MODULE EXAM SOLUTIONS HELP for all modules 1 to Module 3. CQF TEACHER,ONE to ONE CQF ONLINE TEACHER. Guidance given on Final Project ie Code & Report Writings for Final projects. All types of Assignmenthelp/Coursework help for managements schools/CA's/CMA's/CQF/Dissertations writings in marketing/Finance/HR/Operations managment/Any Phd level thesis work done here. Pl do get in touch at or add me in skype at : ranadeb.kumar2 or give us a call at   +91-8697669523


Get all support for web designing and other programming platforms: Apart from teaching and guiding on regular subjects, we also provide help for the ones which are technical. This is the era of technology and there are multiple technical and programming platforms on which various projects and tasks are carried out. Internet has become quintessential and there are a number of projects and applications which are being run and experimented for elevated output.

Get help for the following:                             

• At Findtutoronline, we provide you complete guidance for different we designing projects and such requirements.             
• Yo get support for platforms like Perl, PHP, Java, Linux, etc.           
• Be it any part of computer science and also computer engineering, our professionals are capable of helping you to understand and break the neck of the issue.  
• We have experts for Java programming as well as for other important programming languages and you get guidance from them whenever you need.
• The designing projects for which we help are of varying types like Flash, CSS, HTML, CSS3 and more. We have been providing with solutions for almost every issue regarding website programming and designing.

However, if you don’t find what you need in our list, we request you to tell us and we will look for the solution.

We like to provide you with complete guidance and help you solve every technical glitch that you face. You also get training from our experts:                                 

For any project for website programming and designing. We have training sessions for different website development and other technologies. Apart from website development and design, we also enable training for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, right from the basic understanding to advanced levels. SEO is also important as it helps with enhancing the visibility of a website in the search results of Google and others.



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