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How the student can contact me?

We enable direct conversation between our tutors and students. The students can contact you through your mobile number or mail you. Your contact details are provided along with other necessary details in the profile page of yours. Hence, it is important to have all your contacts given correctly.

How payment is made?

We are a platform through which you meet your students. We don’t pay you nor ask for any commission. The tutees pay you in accordance to the decision you reach with your students regarding their study help.

How to receive payments?

Apart from PayPal, which is one of the most convenient processes, you can use such other online payment platforms.

Does Find Tutor Online provide with any help or tools to enable better communication with my students?

We don’t provide our tutors with any such tools or other support. However, you will find whiteboards and others like WebEx which will help you to provide guidance and teach your students online. And Skype is definitely one of the most popular choice for communication on the internet.

Do we charge you for providing this platform?

Ours is a completely free service and we for the students and also for you. We never charge from either of the students or the teachers. This is a free service.

How to share profile in order to have more students contacting me regarding their queries?

There are different options provided on your profile page on our site. You can share your profile on social media platforms like Facebook and Google with the help of these buttons along with other websites.

How can I add my profile on Google Places and improve its visibility on Google?

You chances of being at the top of search results, when someone around your area is searching for tutorials can increase. You need to register at for a Google account and have your tutoring information registered at Have your profile page linked in the column of the website. When it is all completed, anyone in or around your area, looking for tutoring classes will surely find your profile. They can also view your profile page at Find Tutor Online.

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Is E-Learning better than face-to-face learning?

From my teaching experiences, I can say that face-to-face learning is good and can be made better in combination with e-learning. With increasing pressure of educational competitiveness, every student needs a customised mode of learning system. A face-to-face learning depends a lot on the temperament and limited knowledge of the tutor. However, with technological advancement of e-learning is successful in offering customised learning to the students, especially through machine learning.

Machine learning is a very exciting way of online learning system. It enables the students to acquire the power to remain connected to the developments of the world. With global learning, the student gains capability to meet the gaps between the state of unknown and the acquisition of knowledge. More technically, machine learning comprises of algorithms. These algorithms are used for the prediction of possible results as per the data collected from the level of intelligence, of the student. Machine learning can identify the trends and patterns through which the student can have the best way to understand different kinds of concepts in the most comprehensive manner.

The approach of machine learning has been further enhanced by adapting the scopes of online learning. The students need to find tutor online and seek for the provision of machine learning along with it. This is a kind of combination that has been structured through a specialised way of connecting machine learning with human tutor by findtutoronline.

At findtutoronline, I have amalgamated this provision of machine learning along with online learning from well trained teachers who understand the algorithms and thereby adopts teaching procedures as per the learning capacity of the student. Hence, giving a balanced platform for online learning.

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