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Online Tutoring, how you do it:

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With online tutorials both the students and the professors or teachers are benefited. The students get to know a lot on a subject which they used to find difficult and uninteresting. Along with that the teachers also can get better exposure and a platform for their teaching skills. They are no more limited to the students and rules of a particular institute but can get thousands of students, with each having different issue. This helps in sharpening their skills more and they also get paid in time. The students, with the help a website like Find tutor online, can reach out to the right tutors, who will help them to get a grip on any subject.

How is it done?

While there are various tools for this purpose, we are providing you with the ones which are popular and are definitely convenient.

Join Me: Join Me is one of the tools which has been widely accepted and used for screen sharing. This is especially meant for those who aren’t willing to have any software or application installed in their PCs or laptops. At times the tutors aren’t comfortable with the download of new tools. This is similar to the attitude of some students as well. Join Me is hence preferable in such situations. This tool is run from the browser itself and also looks bright with its combination of the orange and green color. In case, you are willing, you can also install it.

Teamviewer: The Teamviewer is a very powerful tool and helps to give control of the screen to the other person, apart from sharing it without any technical issue. This is another universally accepted tool by the internet users and there is always updated.

WebEx: WebEx is yet another tool which is also advanced than the ones named above. This one provides with a lot of options, something which isn’t so with its contemporaries. Apart from the tutors, people from different professions use it. One great thing about this is, it works on any device, right from your PC to your tablet.

Online whiteboards: what are they?

There are different whiteboard tools and the ones which are popular among these are twiddla, scribbler, scriblink and others. Now it depends entirely on you, which one you will choose for your online teaching. It depends on the features which go well with your needs and also its compatibility with the browser and your system. However, we suggest you do research on the internet to know of the ones which are new in the market and may work in a better manner than the existing ones.

Use of digital pen is advantageous for your virtual classes:


Help for finance and accounts tutors: tools which they will need:

There are no exact ways of getting a lot of students on the internet. There are sites and you can join them. Find tutor online  is too a platform for this and our tutors are happy with the results they got with our help. There are other websites apart from us and you can find them with a bit of Google search.

Receiving payments:

This is certainly not a thing to be worried. You can always provide your bank details with such websites like ours. There are various methods like western union, moneygram, etc. You can now teach online without any tension as you know you will get paid in time. PayPal is one of the most convenient sources of online payment. You can inform your students of your Id for PayPal and they will pay your fees through PayPal


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